True Meaning of Passion

In my years of listening to students and people who pitch their business ideas, I always hear the word passion and how they have discovered something they are passionate about. And then I wonder, what could they mean when they say they are passionate about something? So let’s talk about  passion, and let’s find out its meaning. According to Google Ngram, a program that checks word mentions in books and searches from 1800 up to today,  passion is a word with a high number of mentions during the early 19th   century, the period of Romanticism, and regained popularity in the late 90’s and is still going strong today. I suspect that during the 19th century, passion was used to describe romantic love and in the late 90’s, passion, again, I suspect, is  associated more with work and career. I say this because Arnie Warren, in 2000, wrote a book called Find you Passion, and here is the description:  Continue to podcast


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