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I love watching documentary videos. Before the internet, I used to watch a lot of Discovery and National Geographic features on cable. One of those that I slept at 3AM for was a documentary on Bruce Lee. Now, One that I follow on Youtube, are the viral videos made by Great Big Story, a company by CNN that ran between 2015 to 2020. They envisioned the company to produce videos that are optimistic but not naive.

Their storytelling reminds me of how entrepreneurs think because they tell stories that are unique and far from common.  2 that I always remember are about an instrument used for horror movies & the man behind the game solitaire on windows, which I am sure you  played on computer once in your life. That is if you were born sometime between the 1950’s to 80’s.

Seeing something beyond common is exactly how the book Disclosing New Worlds describes the entrepreneur: entrepreneurs are able to determine what will be important in the future. In real life this would be someone like Joy Mangano, the inventor of self-wringing miracle mop, which others call tornado mop. I am sure that others have used mop but she was the one who saw and experienced the mop differently. What entrepreneurs choose to see as opportunity is our point of discussion today. Continue to podcast


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This podcast shares research insights and experience based information from the host's career as entrepreneur and educator.

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