What Makes Customers Remember Your Brand

Evolution of Entrepreneur The Business Class

In this podcast I will share the definition of entrepreneur across time. The key learning here would be the traits that define the entrepreneur. The importance is the understanding of the role and tasks of the entrepreneur that will guide aspiring and entrepreneurs in what they do. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thebusinessclass/message
  1. Evolution of Entrepreneur
  2. Features and Benefits of Innovative Startup Act
  3. Lessons from the first innovation
  4. How to sell better using Whole Brain Thinking Model
  5. Pandemic Proofing a Business

In this podcast I will talk about 2 fundamental marketing topics: positioning and marketing mix and their roles in crafting a brand.

If you frequent the mall before the pandemic, you may have observed Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts near each other. I always wonder how these 2 businesses that sell similar products: coffee, sandwiches and donuts, can be beside each other and thrive. We can also say the same for McDonald’s and Jollibee, Apple and Samsung.

Marketing gives us the answer; they both target a different set of customers and different targets mean different approaches. To arrive at your target, you need to segment the market. I will not be talking about market segmentation at length because I did that already in a 2 part series. Though if you will wait, I will give some tips later or if you want more details, you can check that out in the podcast list. So, here I will talk about what to do after you segment the market and choose a target market, that would be positioning and marketing mix, the keys to making people remember your brand. How? You’ll see. Continue to podcast


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This podcast shares research insights and experience based information from the host's career as entrepreneur and educator.

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