Lessons from the first innovation

Evolution of Entrepreneur The Business Class

In this podcast I will share the definition of entrepreneur across time. The key learning here would be the traits that define the entrepreneur. The importance is the understanding of the role and tasks of the entrepreneur that will guide aspiring and entrepreneurs in what they do. — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/thebusinessclass/message
  1. Evolution of Entrepreneur
  2. Features and Benefits of Innovative Startup Act
  3. Lessons from the first innovation
  4. How to sell better using Whole Brain Thinking Model
  5. Pandemic Proofing a Business

I have been slacking off lately on my podcast script because I have been busy with work, and because I am already too tired at the end of day, I chose to play computer games instead. I have been itching to write a podcast script during the past 10 days, but I cannot find any inspiration. Good thing, I picked up Peter Drucker’s book and read an article: Lessons from the first technological revolution. This essay inspired me to write this script. Continue to podcast.


“all its institutions were responses to opportunities and challenges that new technology offered. All its institutions were essentially aimed at making the new technology most productive.”

In the podcast  I said more productive, it should be most productive.


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This podcast shares research insights and experience based information from the host's career as entrepreneur and educator.

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