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Lessons from the first innovation

I have been slacking off lately on my podcast script because I have been busy with work, and because I am already too tired at the end of day, I chose to play computer games instead. I have been itching to write a podcast script during the past 10 days, but I cannot find anyContinue reading “Lessons from the first innovation”


Finding one’s niche in life: lessons from Matsushita, founder of Panasonic

Breaking free from middle age philosophy gave us liberty to think, and the consequence is individualism, the principle favoring one’s freedom; Enlightenment gave us this gift. Now, Fast forward to post-modernity. The gift of this period to man is not just freedom to think but also freedom to create himself to his liking, self-definition orContinue reading “Finding one’s niche in life: lessons from Matsushita, founder of Panasonic”

Market Segmentation: the key to business growth 2/2

Hi! welcome to the continuation on the topic of market segmentation. in the last podcast, you heard the definition of market segmentation, benefits, and steps in segmenting business consumers. In today’s continuation you will hear an example on how a small training company segmented their business consumers to find their target, followed by an exampleContinue reading “Market Segmentation: the key to business growth 2/2”

What I learned from Peter Drucker about innovation

Peter Drucker is an Austrian author, educator and management  consultant. He has been described as the founder of modern management,  and being modern means that he approaches business with science and  reason. Joseph Schumpeter, an economist, who tackled the topics of  entrepreneurship and innovation, a friend of his father, is Drucker’s  major influence on theContinue reading “What I learned from Peter Drucker about innovation”

Diskarteng Pinoy

Let’s talk about diskarteng pinoy and how it is present in our culture and mindset. What’s diskarte and where did it come from are few of the things that will be discussed here, and also, I proposed 2 kinds of diskarte.


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