Quiet Quitting is Never the Answer

For some reason, quiet quitting has been on my mind. No, I am not quiet quitting. I just remembered that when there is a new term like this, some people try to fit their situation into the idea. I suddenly saw an influx of social media posts saying they are quiet quitting. Quiet quitting isContinue reading “Quiet Quitting is Never the Answer”

How to sell better using Whole Brain Thinking Model

Selling is a very important skill for entrepreneurs, even more for start up entrepreneurs, because during start up there is a need for consistent sales that will ensure the survival and growth of the business. In this podcast, I will talk about how start up entrepreneurs can sell better using a technique I have employedContinue reading “How to sell better using Whole Brain Thinking Model”

Coke Dominates the Market, But Pepsi Tastes Better, Why?

Relationship between brand and feelings. A band is what people associate you with when they see or hear about you. Let me ask you this:  what kind of watch is Rolex? I bet the first thing that comes to your mind is: an expensive luxury watch. If not, then that is what you think ofContinue reading “Coke Dominates the Market, But Pepsi Tastes Better, Why?”

What Makes Customers Remember Your Brand

In this podcast I will talk about 2 fundamental marketing topics: positioning and marketing mix and their roles in crafting a brand. If you frequent the mall before the pandemic, you may have observed Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts near each other. I always wonder how these 2 businesses that sell similar products: coffee, sandwiches andContinue reading “What Makes Customers Remember Your Brand”

Using Intuition to Drive Innovation

In this podcast, I will talk about the link between intuition and innovation. I will look at how a company creates knowledge that becomes the source of innovation. Companies that use the knowledge it creates for  innovative products or processes and share the knowledge inside the company are called knowledge-creating companies. By the end, youContinue reading “Using Intuition to Drive Innovation”

Entrepreneur’s Thinking & Ideation Process

I love watching documentary videos. Before the internet, I used to watch a lot of Discovery and National Geographic features on cable. One of those that I slept at 3AM for was a documentary on Bruce Lee. Now, One that I follow on Youtube, are the viral videos made by Great Big Story, a companyContinue reading “Entrepreneur’s Thinking & Ideation Process”

True Meaning of Passion

In my years of listening to students and people who pitch their business ideas, I always hear the word passion and how they have discovered something they are passionate about. And then I wonder, what could they mean when they say they are passionate about something? So let’s talk about  passion, and let’s find outContinue reading “True Meaning of Passion”